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Illustration: Resting

This is a piece from my show at Spyhouse Coffee! Come see it in real life! 

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"You can lead a horse to water, and you can lead a horse into water, and you can swim around with a horse and have fun."

- accurate Nightvale proverb

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Margot Tenenbaum

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Happy end of all formal schooling to me.

Russian horseback hunting with borzois [x]

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Portrait I drew of the lovely Maggie Smith.

Saying goodbye to my parents on the phone:

Dad: Give Prim a big kiss on the nose from Mom.
Mom: ..and a very cursory pat on the back from Dad.

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From the 1961 Edgar Allan Poe film, Tales of Terror.

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Tatiana, a resident in the village of Szack, Ukraine, and her horse

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Claude Monet’s home, Giverny

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untitled by alexanderkrisa on Flickr.

This dog is Prim’s actual clone.


In celebration of centaur day I present a centaur done with a bit more effort than usual

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Good job dog you picked a great place to lie down